Gallivanting. Roaming. Inquiry. Navigation. Disfunction.

"I hit the crack with my sap"

*The adventurers try to escape the current room
- Scrambling around trying to pick up rods and place them in the holes along the west wall
- They try to match the torches that are being lit up, they then try to put all the rods in the wall
- It wasn’t until Banondorf figured out the puzzle and put in 3 more rods than the lit torches
- The torches all lit up and illuminated the room. The door on the northern wall became ajar.

*Zerra Kerraynor the Alchemist
- The adventurers are hesistant to see what is in the room after a few magic checks
- Nevos summons a horse and Bruce uses ventriliquism to speak to anyone who is inside
- Zerra Kerraynor yells at the horse
- Explains that he has that room for protection from lizards and intruders
- Asks for protection from the adventurers and to be escorted to the human city past the elven town

*As soon they leave the cave, the elven army is outside and is preparing for an assault
- Talenaryn the Elven Commander introduces herself and calls for the arrest of Zaifuzz
- The adventurers try to combat the elven comander through sneak attack and mists, but Talenaryn was too swift and strong
- Banondorf sacrifices himself to become the prisoner
- Talenaryn allows them into their company and team up to engage in combat against Zaifuzz

*Zaifuzz reveals himself and casts levitate to float above everyone
- Zaifuzz then uses Telekinetic Sphere (chronosphere) and summons an owlbear skeleton
- Talenaryn throws her spear and it hits Zaifuzz’s leg. You notice something sparkly fall from the sky above
- Zaifuzz then uses Telekinetic Sphere (chronosphere) and summons a dragon. Swears “revenge and is only doing what needs to be done”
- Zaifuzz summons an OWLBEAR SKELETON

*The adventurers battle the owlbear skeleton
- Bruce was relentless in trying to grab the sparkly object which they later found out is the Bracelet of Asharem Galanodel
- Teemie and Kuh Whi attempted many plans of attack and while some fell flat on its face, others worked successfully to deal immense damage
- Eventually, there was a crack in his neck and the adventurers dealt focus fire damage to break the owlbear skeleton

*Talenaryn invites them back to the elven town
- Banondorf hits on Talenaryn
- Bruce examines the bracelet of Asharem Galanodel with an inscription of its name and the word inevitable



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