A Large Party of Adventurers Venture Off To Thwart The Big Bad!

Introducing the Heroes

Nevos the Cleric (Nevin) – “I knew it was a fucking horse. Its always a fucking horse!”
Bruce the Wizard (Curtis) – “I use mage hand…again.”
Banondorf the Rogue (Ban) – “I assert my male dominance by putting my balls in Julius’ mouth”
Julius the Bard (Jullien) – “I hit the crack with my sap.”
Dread the Fighter (Drei)- “I use the bones of firetruck to make some armor or a shield.”
Teemie the Warrior (Timmy) – “Can I <describe>?”
Sydnee the Ranger (Priscilla) – Whispers, “Get ’em…”
Lady Iona the Sorceress (Jaime) – has only been to one session since beginning.

Gallivanting. Roaming. Inquiry. Navigation. Disfunction.